Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mercury Goes Direct

Mercury will end its retrograde motion and turn direct on Monday the 9th. The Solar Ingress chart for the summer season places Mercury over 89 West Longitude, which roughly corresponds to the Mississippi Valley. Mercury's influence has to do with cooler temperatures usually brought on by cold fronts.

Today's Accuweather forecast for the Midwest is entitiled Heat Comes, Then Goes--a confirmation of Mercury's cool influence. In their own words, "The baking heat will not grip the northern Plains and Midwest long. A cold front will quickly sweep the hot air away from the northern Plains by Sunday, then out of most of the Great Lakes before Monday. The air will not be as hot across the Ohio Valley Tuesday, which will also mark the day when a fresh shot of comfortable air will be pushing into the northern Plains."

The above National Weather Service map shows the projected front pushing down the Central U.S. by Thursday the 12th. Of course, as is to be expected, if enough moisture is in place, the cold front can trigger storms.

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