Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why Tropical Depression 4-E?

Tropical Depression 4-E formed on July
9th around 119 west longitude and 16.8 north latitude in the eastern Pacific. Today the National Weather Service issued its last advisory on TD 4-E with its approximate position around 123 west longitude and 18 north latitude.

According to astrometeorolgy, weather systems are attracted to points on earth where planets were either exactly rising, setting, overhead, or underneath the earth at key moments. Theses key moments may be the times of new or full moons, eclipses etc.

The last quarter moon of July 7th (see chart above), placed Venus exactly rising and square the Midheaven over the latitude and longitude where TD 4-E now is. Venus was also parallel Mars at this time meaning both planets were, in this case, 12 degrees north of the equator. TD 4-E's short life span may have to do with the fact that Venus was also trine Pluto. The trine aspect is more of a fair weather influence.

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God visits us, but often we are not at home.

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