Sunday, February 10, 2008

Strong Front and Storms Right On Schedule

The long-range forecast issued on January 23rd foretold of a storm system or strong cold front to affect the Southeast and mid-Atlantic area between February 9-11, 2008. The Weather Alternative forecast was based on the Sun's aspects to Neptune and Mercury.

According to the Weather Channel, an Arctic cold front moved through the Northeast and mid-Atlantic today bringing falling temperatures and snow. There were widespread wind, snow and cold-related watches, warnings and advisories in effect across the region.

The National Weather Service in Charleston, South Carolina reports that this strong cold front will advance through the Southeast overnight. No precipitation is involved with the front, but wind advisories have been issued for Virginia and South Carolina.

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God's Wonderful Creation

ScienceDaily (Feb. 9, 2008) — Natural flyers like birds, bats and insects outperform man-made aircraft in aerobatics and efficiency. University of Michigan engineers are studying these animals as a step toward designing flapping-wing planes with wingspans smaller than a deck of playing cards.

A Blackbird jet flying nearly 2,000 miles per hour covers 32 body lengths per second. But a common pigeon flying at 50 miles per hour covers 75. The roll rate of the aerobatic A-4 Skyhawk plane is about 720 degrees per second. The roll rate of a barn swallow exceeds 5,000 degrees per second.

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