Sunday, February 24, 2008

Venus Warms the East; Saturn Storms the West

The transit of Venus over the U.S. Northeast in this month's long-range weather forecast was the basis for predicting warmer temperatures over the area between February 24-26.

Accuweather reports today that an area of high pressure will provide tranquil days for the Northeast into Monday (25th). Sunshine will dominate a large part of the region. Since the high has not originated from the Arctic, temperatures will warm to typical late-February values.

On the other end of the nation, the Sun's opposition to Saturn (exact on the 24th) falls along the West Coast in the all-important Solar Ingress chart. This was the basis for predicting a stormy period for the area with rain, higher elevation snows, and cold temperatures. Saturn is living up to its long-established reputation.

Accuweather reports heavy rain and blizzard conditions over northern and central portions of the Sierras. High winds, between 50-70 mph will lash the Bay area on Sunday and push southward to the Los Angeles Basin. Soaking rains are in store for the northern two-thirds of California as well.

The Weather Alternative forecast also calls for severe weather over the Mississippi Valley are between the 23rd and 26th as an intensifying low pressure system sets off severe thunderstorms.

The next Accuweather map shows a low pressure area scheduled to hit tomorrow (25th) over the nations midsection. They foresee a major snow storm that will dump a swath of 3-6 inches of snow from the Midwest to the Northeast.

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