Friday, October 02, 2009

October 2009 Severe Weather Outlook for Eastern Texas

The Full Moon of October 4th, 2009 sets up a sensitive planetary crossing over eastern Texas. Here we find the Sun, Moon, and Mars in angular positions. As explained many times on The Weather Alternative blog, when planets are in these angular positions they manifest their influence on the weather in and around that location.

There are three sets of dates when there will likely be a manifestation of severe weather over this area which includes eastern Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The first time period was brought out in a previous post. It read as follows:

Oct 10-12, 2009
A storm system pushes through the Plains. The low pressure system may track to the south affecting the area in and around eastern Texas and Oklahoma as it pushes into the Mississippi Valley and Southeast.

Oct 16-17, 2009
The planetary crossing is activated once again and should result in a low pressure system affecting the area.

Oct 23-24, 2009
This third time slot also coincides with another forecast posted earlier calling for tropical storm or hurricane formation in the central Gulf of Mexico between October 22-25. One possible scenario is that the severe weather indicated for the eastern Texas area is related to the Gulf of Mexico forecast. This could mean that if a storm forms in the Gulf it could head to the Louisiana, eastern Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma region. Of course, it could play out differently as sometimes the weather indicated by these different planetary alignments are not describing one event but separate events. In any case, the weather over eastern Texas at this time should include storms that generate strong winds be they from a tropical system, tornadoes, or severe thunderstorms etc.

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