Monday, June 27, 2011

Rockies Forecast Result

In the May 21st post Neptune and Rockies Flood Potential, I explained how the astrometeorological influence of the planet Neptune correlates with southerly air flows, winter thaws, and snow slides. In other posts, I've mentioned Neptune's tendency toward flooding.
Since Neptune was influencing the western U.S. during the spring season, I gave some dates when those weather patterns would be activated.

The first one was May 22nd when the Sun squared Neptune. The Weather Channel reported on that date that a potent storm was moving into the Pacific Northwest and that "the threat of flooding from the rain, snow melt, or a combination of those will continue in Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming."

June 3rd brought Mercury's square to Neptune. This date saw a very unusual low pressure system whose end result brought "periods of rain (locally heavy), high elevation snow in the Sierra Nevada and perhaps a few severe storms with hail, gusty winds..." according to the Weather Channel.

June 8th was the date of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile. On June 7th the National Weather Service reported, "Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected to continue today across the northern Rockies and northern Plains, with flooding is possible throughout parts of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and western Washington and Oregon. Flash Flood and Flood Watches and Warnings are in effect for these areas."

Venus square Neptune was exact on the June 10th. More showers and thunderstorms hit the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies. Some showers and thunderstorms also were possible in the higher elevations of Colorado.

Mercury's trine to Neptune was on June 16th. The National Weather Service reported on that date that "in Utah, large creeks and mainstem rivers will periodically rise above flood stage for the next several weeks due to warmer temperatures and resultant snowmelt increases. In California, snowmelt from the Sierra Nevada has resulted in minor flooding of the Merced River in Yosemite National Park."

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