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July 26, 2013 Forecast Results

Over five months ago, in February of this year, I issued some long-range weather forecasts regarding the drought situation in the U.S. Plains. The article entitled "Timing the Relief for Drought-Stricken U.S. Plains" contained a forecast for the time in and around July 26th. I've been posting the results of these forecast as they happen.

The original forecast was based on the position of the planet Neptune in the key chart for the summer season. Neptune correlates with increased moisture and downfall. Here is the astro-locality map for the summer season showing Neptune's position over the Mississippi Valley. Since Neptune is close to the Plains, I concluded that the opposition of Venus to Neptune on July 26th would also bring rain to the Plains.
Summer 2013

Now, compare the Neptune line in the above map to the Weather Channel radar map of July 26th.

26 Current Radar

Notice that the main body of rain over the Plains and Mississippi Valley is oriented in the same direction as the Neptune line in the astro-locality map.

The next map, from the National Weather Service, shows areas that were subjected to flash flood watches. These states included Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas -- states that are battling drought.

26 Warnings

Accuweather reported on the 25th that damaging thunderstorms and flash flooding would affect the Great Plains and parts of the Upper Midwest affecting 10 million people and covering an area of about 250,000 square miles.

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