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August 3-7, 2015 Forecast Results

My article Celestial Storm Warnings! - Predicting the 2015 Hurricane Season that appeared in the June 2015 edition of Dell Horoscope contained a forecast for August 3-7. There were two forecasts for this period: one for the west coast of Mexico over the states of Jalisco, Colima, Michoacan, and surrounding areas, and another for the U.S. Deep South centering over Alabama.

I expected some type of severe weather pattern such as above-average rainfall or a tropical system over the above-mentioned area of Mexico, and either a tropical system or severe thunderstorms and dangerous atmospheric conditions over the Deep South.


The first map below shows the area over Mexico where planetary influence was centered and consequently where severe weather was expected.

Aug 4 2015 Mexico
On August 3rd, the National Meteorological Service of Mexico issued heavy rain warnings for Jalisco, Michoacan and other Mexican states effective August 4th. According to their advisory, Tropical Wave #24 would bring 2 to 3 inches of rain in Jalisco and other states, and 1 to 2 inches of rain to Colima, Michoacan and other areas.

Their forecast for August 5th called for 1 to 2 inches of rain over Jalisco and Michoacan, and on the 6th heavy rain was imminent over Jalisco, Michoacan, and surrounding territories. The weather map below is for August 4th and shows Tropical Wave #24 south of the forecast area with its associated rain over the forecast area.

04 Mexico


A low pressure area developed over coastal Georgia on the 3rd and is shown in the National Hurricane Center map below. Upper-level winds were not favorable for development.

03 Tropics

On the 6th, AccuWeather reported the following: "Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, as well as Atlanta, Georgia, are expected to see strong thunderstorms through the evening as torrential downpours and gusty winds blow across the area."  The National Weather Service also issued a tornado warning for south central Pike County in Alabama. The AccuWeather map below shows the area affected.

06 Dual Threat

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