Monday, August 03, 2015

July 23-27, 2015 Forecast Results

The next long-range weather forecast that appeared in the June 2015 edition of Dell Horoscope looked at the July 23-27 period. Due to the Mars-Uranus square of July 25th, I forecast tropical storm or hurricane potential off the U.S. East Coast around 69 west longitude and 37 north latitude. Let's see what happened.

Starting on July 20th, and for roughly the next 7 days, conventional meteorologists such as those at AccuWeather and The Weather Channel began to warn of the possibility of tropical storm formation both in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and off the U.S. Southeast coast. Below is the AccuWeather map for their forecast.

20 Tropical System

AccuWeather stated that the area of concern stretched from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the waters off the Carolinas. This last area is around the area where I was expecting to see a tropical system develop.

Although no tropical system developed in spite of their forecasts or mine, from July 29-30, the National Weather Service reported on a low pressure center that moved to 72 west longitude/36 north latitude prompting gale warnings. The low pressure center was not far from the coordinates mentioned in my forecast -- approximately 180 miles away.

There was at least some kind of weather "reaction" over the area mentioned in the long-range forecast. But why the delay? I've seen this happen with other forecasts, and in these cases I've noticed that the expected weather pattern based on the planetary alignment in question sometimes does not manifest until the Moon either conjoins or opposes the degree of the planetary alignment. In this case, the Moon opposed the position of Mars on July 30th when the low pressure area developed. This is an area requiring further study.

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