Friday, March 11, 2016

March 8-10, 2016 Forecast Results

The January 9, 2016 Weather Alternative post covered a long-range forecast for March 8-10. This forecast predicted strong storms bringing wind and rain to the area comprising the western Great Lakes southward through the Deep South due to the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn. The post discussed how the previous alignment of Jupiter and Saturn during August of 2015 had brought torrential downpours and gusty winds to the U.S. Deep South and to certain Mexican states at that time.

The following map was posted to show the general area to be affected.

March 8 2016

On March 8th, the National Weather Service warned " Showers and thunderstorms will develop along and ahead of the boundary from the Western Ohio Valley to the Lower Mississippi Valley/Southern
Plains and continue along and near the front through Thursday."

On the 9th, the NWS informed its readers with the headline "Heavy rain from parts of the Ohio Valley to the Lower Mississippi Valley and parts of the Southern Plains."

The following Weather Channel map provides a view of the low pressure area, rain, and front on the 9th.

Mar 09

Extensive flooding plagued Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The following AccuWeather map shows rain totals from 3 to 12 inches primarily over the Deep South area.

10 Texas Louisiana

More forecasts for March are posted here.

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