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April 22-25, 2016 Forecast Results

Here are the results of the second portion of my April 2016 long-range weather forecast that was posted on March 16th of this year. This forecast focused on the effect that the Jupiter-Uranus alignment would have on the weather over eastern US and on the West Coast states. The results of the first forecast (April 6-10) are posted here.

The next forecast period was for April 22-25. The forecast read as follows.

April 22-25

At this time Venus aligns with the Jupiter-Uranus configuration and is likely to represent another round of fronts for the West Coast states and the eastern U.S. 


On April 21st, the AccuWeather headline read, "Rain to end record warmth across US West Coast by late week." 

The following AccuWeather map shows their forecast for April 21st and 22nd. Notice the low pressure area approaching California with rain, snow, and showers. Meteorologists pointed out that some of these storms could become strong and produce locally damaging winds and heavy rainfall. 

21 Rain West Coast

The next AccuWeather map shows their forecast for April 24th. Here we see rain, showers, and snow affecting the Pacific Northwest. They pointed out that moderate to heavy rain could reach parts of western Washington and Oregon.

23 Rainstorms

The next map from the Weather Channel is for April 21st and shows a cold front beginning to penetrate the eastern US. The National Weather Service reported a low pressure system will begin to move steadily toward the eastern US bringing a good chance of showers and thunderstorms that would end the week-long dry spell. The front continued its way across the eastern US on the 22nd.

April 21

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