Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bertha, The Northeast, and Western Weather

All eyes have been on Hurricane Bertha, and here at The Weather Alternative I've speculated that Bertha may fulfill my long-range weather forecast for July 9-11. This forecast called for a front or low-pressure system off the coast of the Carolinas to affect the New England area. The forecast is being fulfilled but not by Bertha. Let's look and see.

First of all, here's the original forecast:

July 9-11 The Sun's opposition to Jupiter and Mercury's opposition to Pluto at the time of the First Quarter Moon show the potential for a low pressure system or front to develop off the U.S. East Coast around the latitude of North Carolina and bring severe weather to the New England area.

As shown in the Accuweather map at right for July 9th, some severe storms were expected Wednesday. Today Accuweather reported "Storms pounded New England on Wednesday. Trees and power lines were toppled in Brattleboro, Vt., while North Adams, Mass., recorded 2.64 inches of rain in the 24-hour period ending today at 2 a.m. EDT."

As for the low-pressure area off the coast of North Carolina, the Accuweather forecast map at left shows tomorrow's weather scenario (July 11th). And there sits the low-pressure area off of North Carolina.

The Weather Alternative forecast for July 7-10 awaited severe weather over the Great Basin and Rockies. Here's the original forecast:

July 7-10 Mars will parallel Saturn on the 7th and conjoin Saturn on the 10th. The Mars-Saturn conjunctions usually result in destructive, windy storms due to the clashing of contrary air masses.

The Accuweather map for today at right shows areas of the Southwest, particularly Arizona and New Mexico being affected by drenching showers and thunderstorms due to a plume of monsoon moisture. Thunderstorms also erupted over the Sierra Madre on the 9th. These storms brought dangerous lightning strikes but little moisture.

Further north over Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming the National Weather Service has issued High Wind Warnings as an upper level trough of low-pressure brings strong sustained winds of 30 to 40 mph with gusts up to 60 mph.

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