Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mercury Square Uranus--Flooding Downpours and Large Hail

A potent cold front is advancing over the Plains today eliciting strong and severe storms from Michigan to Nebraska. According to Accuweather forecasters, the violent collision of air masses will cause storms that will produce flooding downpours, hail, strong winds and even an isolated tornado.

The present weather fulfills The Weather Alternative's long-range forecast for July 5-8, which was posted on June 13th. The forecast read as follows:

July 5-8

Mercury descends along the entire East Coast and squares transit Uranus on the 5th. Venus trines Uranus on the 6th, and the Moon conjoins Uranus on the 8th. A cold air mass descends over the Plains out of Canada setting off storms. A cold front along the East Coast brings storms from Florida to New England.

These next Accuweather graphics show the storms predicted for the East Coast from Florida to New England. Today, Accuweather meteorologists report that "As a high over the western Atlantic forces a sultry flow up the Eastern Seaboard, more storms will fire over the mid-Atlantic and southern New England... Locally drenching downpours will still affect the region, but no widespread strong or severe storms are expected."

Here we see the storms along the southern portion of the East Coast. According to Accuweather "Thunderstorms will again be a concern for Sunday afternoon across the southeastern part of the country... The greatest threat with these thunderstorms will be small hail and gusty winds. Brief, heavy rain and vivid lightning will also accompany the thunderstorms, which will be slow moving due to the light winds higher in the atmosphere."

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