Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturn Lives Up To Its Cold, Dreary Name; TS Fay

Traditionally, Saturn’s astro-meteorological influence brings excessive cloudiness, wetness, and subnormal temperatures. It’s conjunction with Venus lowers the barometer, produces easterly winds and increasing cloudiness with characteristic dull, leaden skies.

The Weather Alternative forecast for August 12-15 has definitely been fulfilled. The forecast read:

Aug 12-15
The conjunctions and parallels of Mercury and Venus to Saturn will bring a storm system to the Rockies lowering temperatures after its passage.

The Accuweather weather maps shown here for August 13th and 16th show the easterly component of this weather pattern as well as the cold, and rainy side. The dull atmosphere and increased cloud cover are mentioned in the following Accuweather statements as well.

Dreary Weather, Heavy T-Storms Updated: Saturday, August 16, 2008 7:24 AM
Cooler flow will continue to wedge against the Rocky Mountains with an upper-level storm over the Four Corners
region today. This will cause dreary weather over the Colorado Rockies and over the Front Range. Thick clouds will
cover these areas. Areas of drizzle and light rain will add further misery to the gloomy, unseasonably cool weather.

The Weather Channel August 15th:
Meanwhile, a cold area of low pressure aloft and an easterly upslope flow will keep temperatures way below average over parts of Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.
Areas from Wyoming to eastern Colorado may see rain and highs in the 50s. Some very high elevation snow in the Rockies above 9000 to 10,000 feet is possible.
Rain and thunderstorms will plague the eastern sections of the central and southern Rockies and adjacent high Plains through the weekend.

Meanwhile in the tropics, Tropical Storm Fay has taken shape over the Dominican Republic. Present thinking has Fay developing into a stronger storm and moving into the Gulf and making landfall along the Gulf Coast area that I mentioned in a recent post. (See Solar Eclipse Time)

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Wind of Love, Wind of God

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