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Tropical Storm Edouard and Other Weather

The Solar Ingress map for the summer season, as you recall, placed Uranus angular through the Plains. The astro-locality map at left shows Uranus as a yellow line. Transit Mars opposed Uranus on the 6th as Tropical Storm Edouard made landfall along the Texas coast and pushed westward.

The Weather Channel map at right shows Edouard's position on the 6th. The Weather Alternative forecast for August 5-7 stated "Mars-Uranus signifies storm emergencies and windy conditions, which will hit the Plains. Tornadoes may be a by-product of these storms."

Besides Edouard's arrival, Accuweather reported on the 6th that "Strong thunderstorms will unleash torrents of rain across a large swath of the country Wednesday night and Thursday. These storms have enough moisture to dump 2-3 inches of rain on some locations causing temporary flooding. Tornadoes are unlikely, but some of the storms will produce wind damage." This area included the Plains.

Another Weather Alternative forecast for August 6-8 stated "More moisture is pumped into the western US resulting in a low pressure area or front that sets off storms. Wind may be a salient feature."

On the 7th, Accuweather reported "...some moisture will make its way into the Sierra and Cascades, increasing the potential of dry thunderstorms in the tinder-dry areas that have not already burned." So although moisture was pumped into the western US, it did not make it to the Pacific Northwest as I anticipated.

The last Weather Alternative forecast was for August 7-9. It read "Chilly and damp weather develops over the Great Basin and Rockies." The Accuweather map at right shows a cool air mass pushing into the Pacific Northwest but not fully entering the Great Basin and Rockies as forecast.

However, damp conditions will exist as thunderstorms will be focused...across the mountains of eastern Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah according to Accuweather.

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Got a Problem? Try Thanking God For It

One Army wife came to me, convinced that her problem had but one solution. Her husband had developed an excessive drinking problem and for the past several years had been an alcoholic. Often he would pass out drunk on the living room floor where the wife or his teenage children would find him, stark naked. In this condition he'd also been found in the hallway of the apartment house where sev­eral other families lived.

In final desperation the wife decided to take the children and leave. Friends persuaded her to at least come talk to me first.

"Whatever you say, Chaplain, don't tell me to stay with him," she said. "I just can't do it."

"I don't care whether you stay with him or not," I said. "I just want you to thank God that your husband is like he is."

Carefully I explained what the Bible had to say about thanking God for all things, and that if she tried it, God would be able to solve her problem in the best way.

She thought it sounded ridiculous, but finally agreed to kneel while I prayed that God would release in her enough faith to believe that He is a God of love and power who holds the universe in His hand.

At last she said, "I do believe."Two weeks later I called her."I feel absolutely marvelous," she said. "My husband is a different man. He hasn't had a drink in two weeks."

"That's wonderful," I said. "I'd like to talk to him."

"What do you mean?" She sounded surprised.

"I just think it would be good if I talked to your husband about the power that is working in your lives."

"Didn't you tell him already?" She sounded puzzled.

"No, I haven't met him yet."

"Chaplain, this is a miracle," she cried out. "The day I was in your office he came home from work and for the first time in seven years he didn't go to the refrigerator for a beer. Instead he went into the living room and talked to the children. I was sure you had talked to him." --Merlin Carothers

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