Friday, April 25, 2008

Neptune Warms The West

Neptune's astro-meteorological effect is that of "prevalent southerly air flows." The chart for the Vernal Equinox placed Neptune in an angular position over the western United States. The Weather Alternative, in its long-range weather forecast for April 24-26 stated Venus now sextiles Neptune bringing an increase in temperatures and fair conditions over the western states. Today's Accuweather map at left shows the warming trend beginning to take place fulfilling the long-range forecast.

The Weather Channel has the following to say about the warming trend:

Overall, a ridge of high pressure will build across the Western States into the weekend, allowing for a return to above average temperatures along the Western Coastal States, into the Pacific Northwest.

According to Accuweather: Brilliant sunshine will allow the air to progressively warm into Sunday, the warmest of the upcoming days. Temperatures will crack the century mark Sunday in the deserts of southeastern California and Arizona.

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Pre-death Visions

Here is one example of a pre-death vision that was reported by a nurse who was at the deathbed of a man in his forties:

"He was unsedated, fully conscious, and had a low temperature. He was a rather religious person and believed in life after death. We expected him to die, and he probably did too, as he was asking us to pray for him. In the room where he was lying, there was a staircase leading to the second floor.

Suddenly he exclaimed: 'See, the angels are coming down the stairs. The glass has fallen and broken.' All of us in the room looked toward the staircase where a drinking glass had been placed on one of the steps. As we looked, we saw the glass break into a thousand pieces without any apparent cause. It did not fall; it simply exploded. The angels, of course, we did not see. A happy and peaceful expression came over the patient's face, and the next moment he expired. Even after his death, the serene, peaceful expression remained on his face."

Learning from the Near-Death Experiences of Children
Amazing Revelations of What It Feels Like to Die
Melvin Morse, M.D.

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