Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trail Of Destruction

Accuweather reports destructive tornadoes and flooding rain in the Mississippi Valley and heavy snow from Colorado to Minnesota. In the celestial realm, the causes are related to the Sun's square to Jupiter, and Mercury's square to Mars; the latter explaining the violence of the storms.

The Weather Alternative issued a forecast for this period (April 9-11, 2008) on March 15th calling for an outbreak of storms...over the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. As Mercury perfects its square to Mars storms and windy conditions are shown for New England.

The Weather Channel map above shows their forecast for tomorrow evening (April 11th) confirming the astro-meteorological forecast for storms over the mid-Atlantic and Southeast.

They further explain that over the Southeast "Some severe thunderstorms and downpours will precede the cold front. Damaging wind gusts will be the primary threat, but hail and an isolated tornado can't be ruled out."

According to the Weather Channel "The windy storm will approach the Northeast Friday and early Saturday and then push well offshore by Sunday. Rain will arrive Friday and continue into Saturday. There may be a few strong thunderstorms in the Mid-Atlantic Friday night and Saturday morning.

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the weatherman said...

The spring blizzard in Minnesota was surprising..Having that much of snow it will give threat for flood to occur..