Thursday, May 15, 2008

Burma and China

On May 2nd and 3rd, Cyclone Nargis hit the impoverished
nation of Burma resulting in the deadliest natural disaster in the
history of that nation. Tens of thousands of fatalities have been
confirmed with tens of thousands of people still missing. The
Burmese government has formally asked the United Nations for
help, but in many ways remains resistant to the most basic

As has been shown time and again on The Weather Alternative, weather patterns correspond to planetary alignments. The last
lunar eclipse of February 2, 2008 provides us with a glimpse of the astrological aspects at the time of the cyclone's landfall. On the 3rd, Mercury was parallel Mars. Conjunctions, squares, oppositions, and parallels between these two planets have long been known to produce whipping winds. The astro-locality
map at right shows the angular positions of Mars and Venus on May 3rd. The two planets cross very near where the cyclone hit. Venus was square it own position at the time of lunar eclipse.

On May 12th, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake took place near
Chengdu in central China. Chinese government officials warn
that the death toll could reach 50,000.

Earthquake prediction using astrology is not the same as using
astrology for weather forecasting. It has been common
knowledge amongst astrologers that the planet Jupiter exerts a
strong electro-magnetic pull on the earth and is instrumental in
producing seismic phenomena. My knowledge in the area of
earthquake prediction is virtually nil. But here is an interesting
observation regarding Jupiter and the Chengdu earthquake.

At left is a chart for the transits to the Solar Ingress chart at Chengdu for April 24th. On this date, Mars perfected its opposition to Jupiter exactly on the Ascendant and Descendant
at Chengdu. As you will notice, Venus is also square both Mars and Jupiter forming a T-square. One possible explanation for
the earthquake on May 12th is that the Sun on this date trined Jupiter, now retrograde. Theoretically, the Sun may have released the energy of the T-square by its trine. It is not unusual
for an aspect pattern to be triggered later in time by another
planet's aspect.

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Alegna said...

I didn't know that other planets has something to do with our weather.

The Weather Alternative said...


If you browse through the pages on this blog, you'll find lots of examples of how the planets' effect on our weather works. It's actually a type of astrology that has been around since the very beginning.


Anonymous said...

McCormack writing on astrometeorology also had a small section on seismic activity and He indicated the combo of mars and jupiter were leathal when it came to quakes...

The Weather Alternative said...

Yes,actually the comment about Jupiter in my post came from McCormack.