Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some May Forecasts and Their Results

The long-range Weather Alternative forecast for May 10-13 called for fair conditions over the Rockies, which would spread to the Plains and the Mississippi Valley.

The 10th brought violent storms over the southern Plains. The 11th (see Weather Channel map at left), was fair over the Rockies and Plains, while the 12th was fair over the Mississippi Valley and most of the Plains as can be seen from the Weather Channel map at right.

The next long-range forecast was for May 13-15. The Sun square Neptune was the main feature. The forecast called for a clashing of warm moist air (as represented by Neptune) with a cold air mass that was to result in storms. As can be seen by the Accuweather graphic at left, a great heat wave surged into the west on the 14th.
As for me, I can't figure out why I thought cold air was indicated at this time since the other planet involved in the aspect was the Sun, which is usually considered a warm planet.
The Weather Alternative May forecast also made mention of Mercury's position over the eastern United States between May 13th and 31st. Here's the first of the forecasts:
Transit Mercury sets up residence over the eastern US by the 13th. The Southeast, mid-Atlantic, and Northeast should begin to feel its effects from this time on. Mercury is associated with cooler air masses and windy conditions. On the 13th the Moon will square Mercury propelling some cold air throughout the region.

The Weather Channel reported soaking rains on the 12th over the mid-Atlantic and gusty winds all across the region. For the 13th, the Weather Channel warned "Windy conditions are expected across parts of the Northeast today, in particular areas near the coast."

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