Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's Going On With The Tropics?

Meteorologists are monitoring an area of disturbed weather in the Southern Caribbean. This area of low pressure will likely bring heavy rain to central America later in the week.

What is happening astro-meteorologically that would show the formation of a low pressure system there?

Remember, in astro-meteorology we always consult a key chart, such as a solar ingress, lunation, eclipse etc. and look for angular planets (planets on the 1st, 7th, 4th, or 10th cusps) that are in aspect (conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, oppositions, stationary etc.).

The New Moon map of May 5th at left shows Neptune on the Midheaven with Mercury crossing it over the area where this low pressure system is developing. On the 26th, Neptune turned retrograde and transit Venus conjoined the degree of Mercury in the New Moon map on the 27th activating the storm potential shown.

In The Weather Alternative's May forecast, we've been keeping an eye on Mercury's position in the Solar Ingress. The forecast pinpointed the 26th as a day when cold air and windy conditions would start to enter the East Coast area. The 26th was Monday. As can be seen from the Accuweather map at left, a cold front started its descent over the area.

The next Accuweather map at left is for today and shows the breezy conditions that are occurring over the Northeast and New England.

The Weather Alternative forecast for May 25-29 referred to Neptune's retrograde movement and Venus' square to Saturn. The forecast called for a good-sized storm over the West Coast and Rockies.

The Accuweather map at left shows the upper-level low pressure system that is bringing unsettled weather to the region, which extend eastward into Montana and Wyoming.

One interesting observation has to do with the flood advisories that are being issued over the Northwest.



Neptune, which occupies and angular position over the western U.S. in the Solar Ingress map is also known for thaws, and flooding. This particular aspect of Neptune was not mentioned in the May forecast.

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